Fixed-width text and WordPress on iPhone/iPad

A quick note to cheer that I fixed an annoyance with my blog rendering on the iPhone/iPad platforms.

Text in code blocks or preformatted (i.e. fixed width) came out huge on the iPhone and iPad making things look ridiculous. It seems the WordPress Twenty-Ten theme (or derivatives of it) explicitly super-size fixed width text on these platforms.

The fix is to edit style.css in whatever theme you’re using and comment out the styling as below:

/* =Mobile Safari ( iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch )
-------------------------------------------------------------- */
pre {
    webkit-text-size-adjust: 140%;
code {
    webkit-text-size-adjust: 160%;

I suspect there is good intention in the Twenty-Ten theme’s style, but as I also have the SyntaxHighlighter plugin installed, things conflict and go awry.

This solution was gratefully lifted from the WordPress Answers web site.

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