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Starting irssi in screen at reboot

Another short aide-mémoire. My IRC client is irssi, running in a screen session on my linux server in London. I connect to it via SSH, but if the server restarts I want this all set up automatically. Fire up crontab … Continue reading

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Fixing character encoding with irssi and screen

Yes, this old chestnut. Time and again I forget the steps to get a new (Debian-ish) system working properly such that I can ssh in and reattach to a screen’d irssi session and have character encoding work properly. That is, … Continue reading

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Kiara (2006-2011) You will be missed, my baby-girl.

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Django Admin App Views

Following my previous post about configuring Django models, I’m now ready to work on the view. Remember, this is simply within the “Admin” app which ships with Django, and below is a non-exhaustive set of options: ModelAdmin Derived Class Options … Continue reading

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Django Models

I’ve been working on a small Django app recently, and started by cleaning up its model definitions. Here’s a quick (but not exhaustive) list of useful configuration options: Model Meta Options db_table = “string” managed = False (whether SQL is … Continue reading

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