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Hacking # in OS X

To get a # sign on an Apple keyboard you use the Option (or Alt) key + 3. This seems terribly klunky to me, and # is of course used quite a bit in programming and sysadmin work. This hack remaps another … Continue reading

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A (very) short list of Dist::Zilla tips

For App::fooapp type distributions then you might want the README etc generated from a specific file. Add this to dist.ini: main_module = bin/fooapp ; btw, semicolon leads a comment, in case you forgot how to do that Any Module::Install converts reading this should note the bin directory, not script. In bin/fooapp itself you also provide an additional metadata hint (next to ABSTRACT): # PODNAME: fooapp Which results in nifty Metacpan links such as: Finally this hint to the POD munger will allow a section to be pinned in place above the SYNOPSIS: =begin :prelude # POD here… =end :prelude I hope these tips are helpful to some…… Continue reading

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MythTV Transcoding (5): HTML5 Playback in MythWeb

I’m doing a series of posts here on automated transcoding of recordings in MythTV. The idea is to explain the basics, then evolve the design to end up with recordings suitable for playback on the iPad, which is a little … Continue reading

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Painless MythTV Channel Configuration

MythTV – a brilliant homebrew digital video recorder system. Killer features include being able to play content over the LAN at home, scheduling recordings via the web, and generally poke it to integrate with all kinds of devices (e.g. see … Continue reading

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