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Winding Down

To those following this blog: you will have guessed that there’s not a lot of domestic geekery going on nowadays, so I’ve decided to archive these pages for the time being. What am I up to instead? During the day ECMWF … Continue reading

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Internet accessible cats – part 2

So far so good for access to the new Cat Cam: from within the house we can view video from the cats’ shed, yet the camera is safely on its own DMZ. In this final post I’ll show how I … Continue reading

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Internet accessible cats – Part 1

Previously I discussed the selection and installation of a Loftek CXS 3200 wireless camera, for us to keep an eye on our cats in their shed. As a reminder, here’s a screenshot of two cute, snoozing cats: This post will cover … Continue reading

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Cat TV

I had some complaints about this blog. It’s called “Cats and Code” but apparently there’s too much code, and not nearly enough cat action. Well, let’s fix that. You may recall from blogs passim that our cats, since moving to … Continue reading

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Getting Stuck In

I have a problem with accidentally becoming locked in confined places. I know it sounds odd, but after several such situations in my life I’m becoming convinced it’s a running theme. Back in 1993, I was visiting Russia and on … Continue reading

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Evolution of Technology

As a free software developer I come into contact with a wide variety of opinions on what development process makes for a good end product. I don’t believe the answer is straightforward. Here’s an excellent quote from Linus Torvalds which … Continue reading

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Simple Tools for Describing Rack Layouts

Often when a system at work is having a problem I won’t actually know where it is. I can remember where most of the network kit is located, but not all, and certainly not all the servers connected. Two tools we … Continue reading

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Living with Windows 7

Recently at work I migrated from a Linux desktop to a Windows 7 desktop. This is an account of how I then configured the Win7 system. First I should mention that working somewhere where they actually have an official, managed … Continue reading

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Understanding Stored Passwords in Chrome on OS X

When my Mac’s hard disk died, I replaced it with an SSD and reinstalled OS X. At the time I also restored my user’s “login.keychain” file from backup, because I knew that’s where Chrome had stashed all my stored web … Continue reading

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Deploying mod_spnego

SPNEGO is a negotiated authentication mechanism for HTTP which can be used to take advantage of Kerberos credentials for web site login (an alternative to simple username/password, or client digital certificates). The reference implementation for Apache, mod_spnego, can be downloaded … Continue reading

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