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A Strategy for Opsview Keywords

At my previous employer, and recently at my current one, I’ve been responsible for migration to an Opsview based monitoring system. Opsview is an evolution of Nagios which brings a multitude of benefits. I encourage you to check it out. … Continue reading

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Cfengene3 on Debian Squeeze for local management

Dialling the nerd factor up to 11, I’ve decided to store configuration for my VPS server in git and manage it with Cfengine3. Joking aside, this is a sound decision: having the VCS repo makes backups simple and trustworthy, and … Continue reading

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Backing up Time Machine Backups from a ReadyNAS Duo

I’ve had a ReadyNAS Duo probably for about a year, now, and quite honestly can’t fault the little black box. Managing computer systems during the day, I have little interest in doing the same at home. The Duo provides home … Continue reading

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WinXP to OS X Switch Notes

My wife has just switched her WinXP system to OS X (both on a Mac Mini), and here are some of the tools that helped along the way: Abee is a free utility which helps migrate from Microsoft Outlook Contacts … Continue reading

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