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Understanding Stored Passwords in Chrome on OS X

When my Mac’s hard disk died, I replaced it with an SSD and reinstalled OS X. At the time I also restored my user’s “login.keychain” file from backup, because I knew that’s where Chrome had stashed all my stored web … Continue reading

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Hacking # in OS X

To get a # sign on an Apple keyboard you use the Option (or Alt) key + 3. This seems terribly klunky to me, and # is of course used quite a bit in programming and sysadmin work. This hack remaps another … Continue reading

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Backing up Time Machine Backups from a ReadyNAS Duo

I’ve had a ReadyNAS Duo probably for about a year, now, and quite honestly can’t fault the little black box. Managing computer systems during the day, I have little interest in doing the same at home. The Duo provides home … Continue reading

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WinXP to OS X Switch Notes

My wife has just switched her WinXP system to OS X (both on a Mac Mini), and here are some of the tools that helped along the way: Abee is a free utility which helps migrate from Microsoft Outlook Contacts … Continue reading

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