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Internet accessible cats – part 2

So far so good for access to the new Cat Cam: from within the house we can view video from the cats’ shed, yet the camera is safely on its own DMZ. In this final post I’ll show how I … Continue reading

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Internet accessible cats – Part 1

Previously I discussed the selection and installation of a Loftek CXS 3200 wireless camera, for us to keep an eye on our cats in their shed. As a reminder, here’s a screenshot of two cute, snoozing cats: This post will cover … Continue reading

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Simple Tools for Describing Rack Layouts

Often when a system at work is having a problem I won’t actually know where it is. I can remember where most of the network kit is located, but not all, and certainly not all the servers connected. Two tools we … Continue reading

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Virtual Machine on Mythbuntu

I have a Linux box running the excellent Mythbuntu (Ubuntu-based) distribution, headless (that is, without a monitor). Quite a lot of the time it’s sat around doing nothing (and even during recording or playback the CPU is idle). For some … Continue reading

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Smokeping+lighttpd+TCPPing on Debian/Ubuntu

Some notes on getting Smokeping to work on Debian/Ubuntu using the lighttpd web server, and the TCPPing check. Install the lighttpd package first, as then the subsequent smokeping package installation will notice that it doesn’t require the Apache web server. However, … Continue reading

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Adding a new RANCID device class

The RANCID system is used by many network service providers to backup and audit their network device configurations. It supports many device vendors (Cisco, Juniper, etc) but you might run into a vendor which is not supported. Adding a new … Continue reading

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