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Internet accessible cats – part 2

So far so good for access to the new Cat Cam: from within the house we can view video from the cats’ shed, yet the camera is safely on its own DMZ. In this final post I’ll show how I … Continue reading

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Virtual Machine on Mythbuntu

I have a Linux box running the excellent Mythbuntu (Ubuntu-based) distribution, headless (that is, without a monitor). Quite a lot of the time it’s sat around doing nothing (and even during recording or playback the CPU is idle). For some … Continue reading

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Hacking # in OS X

To get a # sign on an Apple keyboard you use the Option (or Alt) key + 3. This seems terribly klunky to me, and # is of course used quite a bit in programming and sysadmin work. This hack remaps another … Continue reading

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Is it silly that tmux is fun?

No, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get a zing of excitement when you find a new tool that improves your life. Maybe you know what I mean – that feeling of happiness at saving time, remembering more … Continue reading

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The Limoncelli Test

Over at the excellent Everything Sysadmin blog is a simple test which can be applied to your Sysadmin team to assess its productivity and quality of service. It’s quite straightforward – just 32 things a good quality team ought to … Continue reading

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Migrate SourceForge CVS repository to git

Updated to include promoting and pushing tags. I recently had need to migrate some SourceForge CVS repositories to git. I’ll admit I’m no git expert, so Googled around for advice on the process. What I ended up doing was sufficiently … Continue reading

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A Strategy for Opsview Keywords

At my previous employer, and recently at my current one, I’ve been responsible for migration to an Opsview based monitoring system. Opsview is an evolution of Nagios which brings a multitude of benefits. I encourage you to check it out. … Continue reading

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Cfengene3 on Debian Squeeze for local management

Dialling the nerd factor up to 11, I’ve decided to store configuration for my VPS server in git and manage it with Cfengine3. Joking aside, this is a sound decision: having the VCS repo makes backups simple and trustworthy, and … Continue reading

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Starting irssi in screen at reboot

Another short aide-mémoire. My IRC client is irssi, running in a screen session on my linux server in London. I connect to it via SSH, but if the server restarts I want this all set up automatically. Fire up crontab … Continue reading

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Fixing character encoding with irssi and screen

Yes, this old chestnut. Time and again I forget the steps to get a new (Debian-ish) system working properly such that I can ssh in and reattach to a screen’d irssi session and have character encoding work properly. That is, … Continue reading

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